Where to Watch Outer Banks (2024)

We all love a bit of conflict and mystery. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple discovery for one to start a quest to find all the answers. If you want to know where to watch a good mystery series that promises adventure, excitement, and friendship, keep reading to learn where to watch Outer Banks, a series that promises all of this and more.

Created by twins Josh and Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, the series sees a group of friends setting off on an adventure that promises them a large potential fortune and answers to a disappearance that has haunted one of them for years. What starts off as a simple search for lost treasure turns into a mixture of fear, unexpectedness, and tragedy as the friends face social division, familial interference, and surprise romance along the way.

The first season of Outer Banks premiered on April 15, 2020, to widespread acclaim, being renewed for a second season within three months. In February 2023, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a fourth season. While fans wait for the next installment, they’ll be happy to know where to watch the first three seasons of this adventure drama.

Where To Watch Outer Banks

If you’re a fan of mystery and adventure drama shows, then Outer Banks might be the right series for you. Described by critics and audiences as the perfect combination of action, adventure, and humor, it has become one of the most successful teen drama series in recent years. The first three seasons of Outer Banks are now available for streaming on Netflix.

What Is Outer Banks All About?

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The series is set in a beautiful coastal town called Outer Banks in Northern Carolina. Called ‘paradise on earth’, there is a line of division between the wealthy residents, known as the “Kooks” and the working class, known as the “Pogues”. Four such Pogues are John B, Pope, Kiara, and JJ who, despite their differences in personality, are very close and look out for one another.

John B is haunted by the unexplained disappearance of his father until one day, he and his friends unexpectedly discover a sunken ship in the marsh, containing a key to a motel room. After learning that the room’s contents are related to his father’s disappearance, John B recruits his friends to help him find out what really happened, as the four friends experience adventure, romance, and mystery along the way.

There have been many films and television series that offer a sense of adventure, where young people set off to find long-lost treasure. But Outer Banks proves itself to be different from the others, offering audiences a view into social class division and showing characters that realistically embody the chaos and turmoil of friendship, romance, and growing up in a small town. With a highly talented cast and a beautiful idyllic beach town setting, this is a series that is set to keep viewers interested with every episode.

Outer Banks stars Chase Stoles, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, and Jonathan Daviss.

What's the Cheapest Way to Watch Outer Banks?

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Right now, the best – and, indeed, only — place to watch Outer Banks is to stream it on Netflix. For a subscription of $9.99 a month, you can watch the first three seasons of Outer Banks as many times as you like. Fans and critics can watch the show from where it all began, from where the Pogues started off on their quest and all the different challenges they face along the way, from abusive families, the interfering Kooks, and unexpected romance.

Beginning with its premier season in 2020, each season runs for ten episodes. It’s expected that when the fourth season is released in the future, fans will see the Pogues face new thrills and terrors as they continue on their quest and what they truly want out of life.

Offering a story and a bunch of characters that are guaranteed to keep fans wandering along the trail, Outer Banks proves to be a series that will leave viewers wanting more with every twist and turn in a journey to find the legendary treasure.

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Where to Watch Outer Banks (2024)
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