Full Wartales County of Arthes Region Map & Locations Guide (2024)

Once you leave the opening area Tiltren in Medieval RPG Wartales, you can explore in two different directions, both of which have the same levels, four to six caps. If you’re looking for any locations for quests or items, read on for a full County of Arthes region map.

I headed to Arthes before Vertruse but left before finishing, as some of the battles were tricky. However, once my party was around level six, I came back and finished it. The map below also has some pertinent location information, so be careful of spoilers.

Full detailed Arthes region maps – Wartales

I play the game on Experienced difficulty and in region-locked Exploration mode. You’ll find the mobs are much the same as they were in Tiltren, although both the animals and humans will surprise you with a few new combat techniques to keep things interesting.

You’ll also notice a nigher regularity of large groups to battle, with nine or ten enemies pretty much standard. On the plus side, compared to Vertruse Province, the map is easier to navigate. But I found the toughest battles here slightly outweighed those I’d faced in Vertruse.


All locations in the County of Arthes

Below are all the important locations in the County of Arthes:

  1. Legion Camp: Just some troops here for now.
  2. Arthes Harbour: Arena, only accessible via Island Cave (3). Once you’ve claimed victory, you can complete the Eye for an Eye quest in the church in Cortia (25) and learn the Halberdier specialization. You’ll also get the Legendary Weapon (off-hand shield) Rampart when you beat the arena champion.
  3. Island Cave: Accessible through the Shipwreck Cavern (4).
  4. Shipwreck Cavern: Mine and passageway to the island containing Arthes Harbour (2), only accessible by using a Piton at the top of the cliff (you can see mine on the map).
  5. Reed Farm: Quest location.
  6. Boethius Village: Quest location.
  7. Brotherhood Training Grounds: Skill books, respecs, and Legendary Weapon upgrades.
  8. Spring Origin: Scenario quest location.
  9. Lord Vernalis’ Castle: Scenario quest location, linked to Spring Origin (8).
  10. Pavii Family’s Sheepfold: You can only complete this quest (by opening the cellar) if you have a spare Ornate Key. Annoying if you don’t have one, but I didn’t think the meager rewards were worth the effort. There is one in Old Wilburt’s Sheepfold in Tiltren, but that also opens the Tiltren Lumbermill. There’s a second key in Vertruse Province (at Mermant’s Fishery, but you’ll need to save him via his quest first).
  11. Unstable Bridge: This can (or will) be repaired once you complete the quests Holy Vandalism and Sacred Ambush.
  12. Estuary Fishery: If you add nine Wheat to the trough here, you’ll complete the quest The Empty Trough. This attracts the Dark Steed, a Pony that can join your party.
  13. Mae’s Farm: Quest location.
  14. Bandit’s Lair: Quest location. As with other bandit lairs, it gets easier the more groups of bandits you take out in the region. They’re not all local either. I had to take one out near Lord Vernalis’ Castle (9) to reduce it to zero reinforcements. Once defeated, you’ll find the Tinker recipe for the Brewing Vat here, allowing you to brew your own beer at camp.
  15. Tracker’s Camp: As usual, you need to buy everything with Pristine Fangs, but this camp is notable for being the home of the Tinker recipe for the Tanning Rack. This is worth getting as soon as you can, as it allows you to make White Leather from Ghost Carcasses. This is used in the best armor and weapons you can craft until your companions reach level eight.
  16. The Ruins of Arthes: There’s a watery twist to this tomb, but generally, it is similar to Tiltren Tomb. You’ll be rewarded with an item your scholar can study and then get a Legendary Weapon, a one-handed mace called The Ingenious One.
  17. Concealed Camp: Scenario quest location, linked to the Black Caravans quest from Count Laheart’s Castle (21). You can go there earlier, but nothing will trigger.
  18. Old Customs Post: Bandit battle quest location.
  19. Saint Eleor Abbey: Quest location, where you can get the Tinker recipe for the Gurney. This lets you heal a player of an injury when you camp (or more than one, once you’ve upgraded it).
  20. Cortia Mill: Quest location.
  21. Count Laheart’s Castle: The start of two of the region’s four scenario quests. The Black Caravans is one of the toughest in the region, and once you start it, you’ll have a freeloader you have to feed until it’s complete, so choose whether to start it wisely! Or save it first and give it a try.
  22. Shabby Camp: Quest location, linked to the Black Steed, you’ll be able to attract at Estuary Fishery (12).
  23. Sehra’s Sheepfold: Quest location, battle with wolves.
  24. Improvised Burning Stake: Quest location, moral dilemma.
  25. Cortia: The main town of the County of Arthes, with all the usual trimmings. Blacksmith, Market, Apothecary, and Inn.
  26. Praino Village: Quest location, moral dilemma.
  27. Darkmist Tower: Quest location, bandit battle.
  28. Rat Infestation: Bounty reward.
  29. Edoranian Border Crossing: The return route to Tiltern County unless you’ve saved your Border Pass and 200 Krowns and used a Piton to avoid it (as I did, you can see the Piton location on the map).
  30. Iron mine: Quest location.
  31. Rat Infestation: Bounty reward.
  32. Great Growler Grotto: Quest location.
  33. Kaghal, The Ghost of Harag: The boss battle for Arthes. As with other bosses, he won’t agro you. But unlike previous bosses, he has six animals to fight with him. If you defeat him, you can loot his Legendary Weapon, The Indomitable One (bow).
  34. Rouste Ball Field: To be able to play, you need to go to the Legion Camp (1) and try to persuade Colonel Rhoveres to allow matches (costs 20 Influence). You then need to find more legionnaires to support your cause (the first is back on the field).
  35. Sepulchre Door: This can only be opened once you have completed the Explorer's Codex. Inside, you will find a Legendary Belt Accessory, Behedite's Compass (if the unit is assigned to the Strategy Table they get a small amount of Combat XP, Profession XP, and Influence after each rest).


Feel we need to add anything? More content is regularly added to Wartales right now, so let us know in the comments below if we need to update the guide.

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Full Wartales County of Arthes Region Map & Locations Guide (2024)
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