Community Meal

Trinity Church sponsors a weekly (5:00 PM) soup kitchen in our Parish Hall. Many individual volunteers and groups make this ministry possible. Maureen Bradish is our new coordinator. To ask further questions or to sign up for a meal, you can call 561-2244

We particularly need chefs to lead a group. this involves planning the meal with Maureen’s help, and supervising a group of volunteers to prepare, serve and clean up the meal. Anyone who feels comfortable in the kitchen, and has worked in the food service industry, will be able to do this ministry. You can bring your own group, or pick a day and Maureen will assign you a set of volunteers. You would prepare for about 50 – 70 on Wednesdays and 30 on Saturdays(January to March). All food must be prepared at our facility, or at another licensed food service facility in the county.

We provide training and meet the food sanitation guidelines of Clinton County.

The meal is offered every Wednesday from 5:00 to 5:45 during the year, except when the meal falls on Christmas or New Year. The meal is served Saturdays from January through mid-April, except when a Saturday falls on Christmas or New Year.

For general information and to find out about volunteering, or to try working a meal with an existing group, contact: the church office @ 561-2244.