Centering Prayer


We meet nearly every Wednesday at 10:30am in the Sunday School rooms in the basement of the church. Our sessions run until noon.

What do we do during Centering Prayer?  First we begin with some friendly conversation and some goodies we share. Then we have a prayer from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to begin. Next we read a passage from a text we have chosen. (Currently we are using The Divine Indwelling: centering prayer and its development by Thomas Keating and others.) Following that we read from Daily Guideposts the appropriate passage for that particular day. And lastly we read a passage from Silence and Stillness in Every Season, which offers daily readings from John Main. Finally a couple of prayers are read and then we all recite a Centering Prayer prayer. At that point, all the lights are extinguished except our lighted candle, and some temple bells are rung. Then we spend from twenty to thirty minutes in quiet contemplation, where we focus on a mantra, a word that is important to each of us. After the quiet time has expired, we all join together to say The Lord’s Prayer in unison, and the temple bells are rung and the candle is extinguished to signal the end of our session.

Centering Prayer is a wonderful respite from our very busy, noisy world. Come join us—we would love to have you!

Lynn Valenti
Centering Prayer leader